40 Best Construction Websites

Construction may be the quintessential brick and motor industry but a website is still the most popular way for clients to find information about a construction company. Even in the RFP and bidding process, decision makers look at company sites while reviewing proposals.

A website is, therefore, an integral marketing tool for businesses in construction. Whether you’re a residential or commercial construction firm, a custom builder, a contractor or a remodeler, you need an effective website that conveys your expertise and generates leads for your business.

Do you own a construction firm? Want to bring it online or spruce up an existing site? Take inspiration from the following list of 40 best construction websites that look good and market their companies effectively. Additionally, we’ve gone over the elements that make great website design for a construction company.

Construction Web Design Inspiration: 40 Amazing Construction Website Examples

Magnolia Homes

URL: https://www.yourmagnoliahome.com/

First on the list is this award winning construction site for Magnolia homes. The exemplary web design is a testament to the company’s commitment to architectural design and home building excellence. The beautiful homes they showcase are impressive and capture attention right away. Image and heading links quickly take you to their work, communities, and floor plans. The main page also offers a glimpse to the incoming projects. And the featured testimonials and long time in business go a long way towards getting first time visitors to trust this construction company.

Bill Huey + Associates

URL: http://hueyarchitect.com/

Behold one of the most visually appealing construction sites. Stunning visuals immediately capture your attention and engage your interest. This well-structured website speaks to their ability to create detailed designs. The main page is dedicated to showcasing their designs. Text is kept minimal except for the introduction and link to learn more. The branding and color scheme are right on point. So how to get in touch with the firm? Outlined in the footer section are all their contacts details: physical address, phone number, email address, and even post office address.

Hensel Phelps

URL: https://www.henselphelps.com/

Showing construction equipment and a professional team, the featured image on Hensel Phelps website communicates competence. This means that the visitor starts their browsing journey with a great first impression. The rest of the homepage doesn’t disappoint. A few paragraphs describing what they do. Case studies of some of their most impressive projects. And finally a news center with even more information about the company, including the awards they continue to bag.

Wales Built

URL: https://walesbuilt.com.au/

See how incorporating lots of white spaces makes this website look and feel clean and enjoyable to scroll through, despite having a lot of content. Crisp clear images and concise text inform users what the company does. They’ve also done an excellent job of providing social proof by displaying awards, testimonials, and memberships. The footer section is dedicated to providing users multiple ways to get in touch as qualified leads.

Adco Construction

URL: https://adcoconstruction.co.uk/

Here we have a simple and clean modern website that ticks all the boxes a great construction site should. It’s attractive, functional, professional, and delivers a fantastic user experience. The content is crisp clear and conveys the company’s expertise effortlessly. As for social proof, they show their award and accreditations. Finally, the site has one of the most compelling call to actions. It’s hard not to accept their offer to get a free cost estimate for your project. Especially after seeing their impressive work.

IMC Construction

URL: https://imcconstruction.com/

IMC’s copy is the epitome of precision. They manage to communicate what they do and what they offer with only a few sentences here and there. For the detailed oriented person, the footer lays out all the links to click on for more information. High-quality photos showcase their work in great detail. However, our favorite thing is their video testimonials. Listening to past clients talk about their experience with the company is one of the best way to win trust and convert visitors into leads.

Desert Star Construction

URL: https://desertstarconstruction.com/

This web design caters to both clickers and scrollers. The heading lays out what the company does while the clear top navigation menu presents quick links to the most important pages. For those who prefer to scroll, effective copywriting and top-notch project photography awaits below the fold. They even have a video of their story. Testimonials and press clips lend the company credibility and raise the chances that visitors will call the number provided in the footer section.

Brito Construction

URL: https://www.britoconstruction.com/

Brito’s website home page is short but packs quite a punch. They have a way with words and this helps them convey their services effectively without resorting to long paragraphs. Of course their visual content – photos, video, and icons – is also on point. Those feeling skeptical will trust the company after reading their trustworthy glowing reviews on Google and they won’t have to wonder how to get in touch, as the footer lays out all the contact information. Finally, the red accents lend the site an upbeat vibe.

GFI Partners

URL: https://gfipartners.com/

For a construction firm that builds all kinds of properties from residential to industrial, there’s no better way to communicate what they do than by featuring multiple menus. Simply click on the kind of property you’re interested in to see the projects they’ve worked on. We must also commend their branding, design cohesion, and color scheme. What else makes this construction website stand out is their use of case studies and how they highlight their building experience. You don’t have to wonder how to contact them as the footer section provides their physical address, phone numbers, and email address. Overall, GFI Partners have created a trust and confidence inspiring construction site.

Sweenor Builders

URL: https://sweenorbuilders.com/

The first thing to catch your eye on this website are the lovely homes in their portfolio. A slideshow of these projects is showcased in the top section and their portfolio page has even more examples. Using video to tell their story is a great way to keep visitors engaged. This website design also does an excellent job of using social proof to establish credibility. After learning that the company has been around for more than three decades and has bagged multiple awards, you will have no problem entrusting this company with bringing your dream home to life.


URL: https://www.redrow.co.uk/

Incorporating plenty of white spaces lends Redrow’s home on the web a clean and light look and feel. The images, headlines, and text stand out against the white background so scanning the website feels effortless. The top and bottom navigation menu and search bar make finding any information a breeze. With an interactive map included, buying a home through Redrow is truly an enjoyable experience. It’s no surprise that this company was awarded five star customer satisfaction from the HBF.

Byrne Group

URL: https://www.byrnegroup.co.uk/

Here is an excellent corporate construction company website that ticks all the boxes that good construction web design should. From the about us section to their people, everything you would want to know about this company is covered. This top-notch website with high-quality photos showcases a commitment to high quality construction. From cityscapes to residential properties, the site will have you counting on this company to deliver. We love that they have a page for every construction sector.

Cason Graye Homes

URL: https://www.casongrayehomes.com/

A person looking for a custom home building company is likely to consider Cason Graye home just because of their website. After all, this is an award winning company with award winning web design. Their site is simple yet effective. Beautiful and functional. They dedicate the precious real estate on their website to showcasing their projects, sharing testimonials, and communicating what they do and where. They make it easy for prospective custom home building clients to get in touch by providing their phone number in the header and footer section and featuring a simple inquiry form to generate leads.

John Wielands Homes and Neighborhoods

URL: https://www.jwhomes.com/

First off, we’ve to commend John Wieland’s web design for the impeccable organization. On top of this, we love how they use interactive elements to engage visitors. The bullet points outline what you can expect from this construction company without cluttering the page. They also have a blog with insightful articles. Last but not least, drop down menus in the header and footer section make it easy to locate other pages.

Millennium Partners

URL: https://millenniumptrs.com/

Anyone looking for an urban construction partner immediately knows they are in the right place upon landing on Millennium Partner’s website. Their images of iconic cityscapes make it clear that they specialize in construction projects in big cities. In addition to the professional web design and effective copy, mentioning their three decades of experience and showcasing their properties inspires trust and confidence. To generate leads, they provide a simple form to encourage inquiries.

Toll Brothers

URL: https://www.tollbrothers.com/

Toll Brothers make fantastic use of their hero section with a slideshow of opulent houses they’ve built. This section draws the eye and engages attention while letting visitors know what kind of houses they can expect. Even better, potential clients can see their construction projects in the location they’re interested in. The badge showing that they are one of Fortune world’s most admired companies 2022 goes a long way in establishing their credibility and helping potential clients trust them.

Wadia Associates

URL: https://wadiaassociates.com/

Wadia Associates has one of the most attractive construction websites out there. The organization, typography, colors, images, and video are right on point. The functional aspect of the web design is also stellar. The main page presents all the most important information including who they are, what they do, and how they do it. If you would like to check out their portfolio, they offer a quick link above the fold. With such beautiful web design, it’s easy to count on them to build beautiful homes with exquisite details. Last but not least, the footer section outlines their phone numbers.

Hill Construction Co

URL: https://hillconstructioncompany.com/

For a construction company that builds modern luxury homes, this modern web design is spot on. Scrolling images and “your partner in luxury homebuilding.” slogan immediately let you know what kind of construction firm this is. Although the content is minimal, the hamburger menu offers quick links to their profile, portfolio, and contact us page. The approach page is one of our favorites as it effectively explains how they go about completing their beautiful luxury properties. Potential clients know what to expect right from the get go. The portfolio projects are also presented clearly and neatly.

Buckley Fence

URL: https://www.buckleyfence.com/

Although Buckley Fence is a niche construction company that specializes in building premium horse fences, their stellar web design also lands them among the best construction websites. The visual elements are especially effective, with a video on the hero section and high definition photographs of the fences they build. On top of this, they use copy to communicate their unique selling points. Blog posts are a great way to attract visitors and enhance SEO and they provide full contact details in the footer section.

Eclipse Awning

URL: https://www.eclipseawning.com/

Eclipse Awning makes the precious real estate above the fold. With the image slider, heading, and copy, you immediately learn what this construction company offers. Great photography cue you to expect top notch quality shading solutions. You can then enter your zip code to find a dealer near you. For those interested in learning more, a video or articles offer more information about the available shading options. The main page ends with testimonials, contact details and links to pages and blog posts.  Great job on their branding too.

Alpine Construction

URL: https://alpineconstruction.ca/

This web design does an excellent job of communicating who Alpine Construction are and what they do. First off, the image and text slider in the top section provides an overview of the company. This is followed by text and image links to the various services they offer. Finally, client testimonials and certifications show that this is a trustworthy firm. And you don’t have to wonder how to get in touch as their phone numbers are email address are presented in the header section.

AMS American Modular

URL: https://www.americanmodular.com/

Anybody looking for modular school construction immediately knows they’ve come to the right place upon landing on this website. It’s easy to see why this web design scooped the 2021 WebAward best construction website award. Their website copy and images do a fantastic job of convincing interested parties that they are the best in modular construction of educational buildings. Quite a comprehensive website that covers everything potential clients want to know including sharing client stories.

Chelsea Construction Company

URL: https://www.chelsea-construction.co.uk/

Simple but effective and a pleasure to browse. These words precisely describe Chelsea’s web design. This is thanks to the amazing blue and white color scheme, impeccable organization, generous use white spaces, and a straightforward navigation menu. Using icons to illustrate their approach makes it very easy to understand how they work. On top of all these, the quality of their images is impressive. It’s hard for a potential client not to respond to their get in touch call to action at the end of the homepage.

CODUS Construction LTD

URL: https://www.codusconstruction.co.uk/

CODUS construction web design is obviously very well thought and laid out. The main landing page begins with of their work and a link to view their portfolio. Easy to read headlines and text blocks then explain what this firm does. Next, their key value proposition are clearly laid out in a bulleted list. This is followed by more project photos and nice testimonials. Finally, a get in touch call to action designed to convert interested visitors into qualified leads ends the main page. Overall, this organization delivers a seamless browsing experience.

APEX Transformations

URL: https://www.apextransformations.ca/

The sophisticated black color scheme lends this renovation site a bold yet elegant and luxurious vibe. We love how the images of the projects pop against the dark background. Their copywriting is very effective too and the homepage includes an FAQ section addressing the questions a potential client might have. Other noteworthy elements include a blog with helpful information, a prominent get a quote button, and contact information including a toll free number.

Bovey Construction

URL: https://www.boveyconstruction.co.uk/

Bovey’s photography is so crisp that you feel like you’re right in front of their properties. We love how their layout alternates images and text. It makes for an attractive presentation while also making the chunks of text easy to digest. Featured testimonials, awards, and associations build their credibility. Finally, the color scheme and typography result in a very attractive look and feel.


URL: https://kenhambuilding.com/

Kenham’s web design is simple yet delightful. Their tone of voice, font style, and choice of words make their copy a delight to read. Beyond a gallery of projects, they go a step further and share a 3D walkthrough video of one of their most impressive builds. The featured testimonial is confidence inspiring and the thought pieces are engaging. And how compelling is their call to action: ‘tell us about your next project’.

Harper Construction

URL: http://www.harperconstruction.com/

Thanks to a clean layout that incorporates plenty of white spaces, clear navigation menu, and beautiful imagery, Harper’s website is very pleasant to browse. The statement that they’ve been a general contractor since 1974 coupled with their impressive portfolio goes a long way in instilling trust. If a prospective client is sold and interested in discussing their next project, their get in touch button makes it easy to reach out.

John Turner Construction Group

URL: https://www.johnturner.co.uk/

John Turner is one of the top construction find in the UK and their website does not disappoint. Featuring their signature bright colors, their branding sets them apart from other websites. The presentation and user experience are top notch too. You never have to wonder where to find information or what do next. Beautiful imagery and well-written copy convey the brand’s expertise. Their wealth of experience and associations inspire confidence. Last but not least, they provide contact information for all their offices right on the homepage.

Contech Engineered Solutions

URL: https://www.conteches.com/

The headline “Solutions for Every Imaginable Construction Problem” is very reassuring. The good thing is that the site manages to convince potential customers that the company does deliver on this promise. The copy, images, and links present the solutions offered and all you have to do is enter what you’re looking for along with your zip code to find a local contact. You can also click on the ‘request pricing” call to action button. The footer has links to all pages so users don’t struggle to locate their topics of interest.

Canyon Design Build

URL: https://canyondesignbuild.com/

The best thing about this website is how they showcase their team at work. The friendly photos lend the company a friendly, approachable, and honest image. It’s a simple yet effective way to make connect with the company and promote inquiries. That the business has stood the test of time and has an impressive portfolio of projects certainly strengthens its image. This site is probably very effective at generating client leads. Also noteworthy is how nice their branding is.

Cahill Homes

URL: https://cahillhomes.com/

One of the best luxury construction websites. This modern web design utilizes full background photos and videos to showcase what they do in high definition. Videos are a great way to engage visitors and capture their attention and this website shines in this aspect. They make the most of the minimal text to introduce their profile and share select testimonials. We love how the footer has links to all pages of the website, as well as their location and telephone number.

Bowmer Kirkland

URL: https://www.bandk.co.uk/

Bowmer Kirkland is one of the top 20 construction companies in the UK. Their web design lives up to this reputation. The hero section spotlights some of the impressive projects they’ve built. We love how they introduce what they do as follows: ” We build” followed by a short blurb about the company and “What We Build” followed by a list of the sectors they cover and the projects. They also make it clear that they are a socially responsible company that cares about the community and the environment.


URL: https://www.weitz.com/

Here is an excellent example of how to make use of powerful copywriting to market a construction website. Weitz website is mostly text with only a couple of images that reinforce their message. Short paragraphs, contrasting colors, and plenty of white space ensure the website doesn’t overwhelm the eye. Their copy highlights their most important assets: their wealth of experience and their reputation. They company was founded all the way back in 1855 and is ranked in the top tier in the Engineering News-Record magazine’s list of Top 400 Contractors. On top of this, they share credible testimonials to attest to their commitment to quality. If you’ve a large commercial or industrial project, the website lets you know you can count on Weitz to deliver.

Rodan Builders

URL: https://rodanbuilders.com/

Rodan Builder’s website looks good and  does a great job of educating people about the company. We love how they present their services and portfolio projects. However, the most effective thing about this web design is the impressive list of recognizable clients who’ve entrusted Rodan with their projects. This list is powerful enough to convince a potential client to consider them for a school construction project.

Hous Luxe Wonigen

URL: https://hous.eu/

Hous isn’t in English but the web design is spectacular and worthy of inclusion in any list of the best construction sites. This Dutch company utilizes a minimal design that offers a refreshing browsing experience. Thanks to the font choice and plenty of white space, the website has an elegant look and feel that suits the modern luxury homes the company builds. Their photographs are top-notch quality and showcase their past projects in great detail.

W.S Cumby Construction

URL: http://www.cumby.com/

Cumby’s website is both detailed and elegant. It has a lot of information without a cluttered look and feel. This is thanks to the way they organize the content and use quality images to break up the page. They use a slider to present the different services they offer without making the main page too long. The top section is dedicated to spotlighting some of the construction projects, sharing their values, and stating that they’re celebrating the 40 years they’ve been in business.

Belmark Nightingale

URL: https://belmarknightingale.co.uk/

Nightingale’s construction is stylish without compromising on functionality and usability. We love how they use the header portion to present the most important information: links to their story, services, portfolio, and contact details. Every scroll displays a section of the main page, which makes for a pleasant browsing experience. Before you know it, you’ve already learnt whether the company is a good fit for your project and you’re in the footer section looking at their office address, email number, and phone number.

Final Touch Carpentry & Constructions

URL: https://www.ftcc.com.au/

Here we have a great example of how to utilize the hero section to its fullest potential. At a glance, visitors learn what Final Touch does, see an example of their excellent work, and can choose to call them or click on the call to action button. For those who need more information before they can decide whether this is the right fit, the rest of the homepage provides links to all their services and outlines the numerous reasons to go with them. You even get to meet the director of the company. Finally, the blog offers helpful information to potential clients.

Mike Schaap Builders Inc.

URL: https://mikeschaapbuilders.com/

The first thing to catch your eye upon landing on Mike Schaap’s site is the slideshow of their past projects presented in the hero section. These projects are impressive and present the company as capable. After that, powerful copy introduces you to the company and their services, expertise, and customer opinion. All through, the website has a simple, light feel making the content easy to digest. For example, the simple drop down menu has four items: profile, collection, recognition, and contact.

What Makes a Great Construction Website?

Construction websites have their own set of web design best practices. Here’s an overview of the elements of an effective construction company website.

Visual Appeal

You get only a few seconds to capture visitors’ attention and convince them to stay on your website. In order to do this, your construction web design should be professional-looking and visually appealing.

As the area visitors see first upon landing on your website, the hero section plays a very important role in capturing visitors attention.

Make the most of this precious website real estate by featuring a video, showcasing a slideshow of your best projects, or using a captivating background image and a compelling headline and paragraph to introduce your company.

Robust Projects Portfolio

Any potential client will want to see the kind of properties your construction company has built. You can spotlight some projects on the homepage and then provide a link to your portfolio page.

Make it easy for prospective clients to sort through your projects to find relevant examples of your work. You can organize the projects by locations or by sectors. Go a step further and create a details page for each project.

High-Quality Photography

Construction is a visual topic. Prospective clients want to see the projects you’ve built and they want to see them in great details. It’s worth it to pay a photographer to take professional images of your properties.

Remember: high-quality images can convey your capabilities better than any words can. Besides the finished projects, you can also share images of your equipment and show your team at work.

Clearly Conveying Expertise and Value

Potential clients will come to you website to gauge how capable you’re to handle their project. Your website should communicate your expertise. Provide an overview of the services you offer on the home page and create a page for each service.

Beyond communicating who you are and what your approach is, the website should also convey what makes your construction firm the best and the value you bring to the table.  

Telling the Brand Story

Sharing your company story is an opportunity to connect with your target audience. You can tell your founding story, talk about your unique approach, share your core values, mission statement, and goals. Be sure to let your brand’s personality shine through. Your unique story might just be what differentiates you from the competitions and convinces a client to hire you.

Social Proof Elements

When it comes to hiring a construction company, people base their decision on other people’s experiences. Simply saying that you are the best isn’t enough. Back up your claims with customer testimonials and project case studies. Display logos of recognizable clients you’ve served.

Here are some other ways to inspire confidence and instill trust in your construction business:

  • Mention industry awards received, media mentions, and trade organizations you’re a member of to convey competence and excellence.
  • State the years in business, number of square feet built, and number of customers served to show your company is stable and reliable.
  • Keep all branding elements such as colors, logo, tone of voice, and typography the same throughout your website. Consistent branding helps with brand recognition and promotes credibility and trust.
  • Insightful construction-related blog posts can also position you as an expert and help build your credibility.

User-Friendly Interface and Great User Experience

The experience users have on your website will affect their perception of your construction company. If they’ve a great experience, they will assume working with you will be a great experience as well. So how to ensure your website is user-friendly?

First, implement responsive web design so your website will render well whether viewed from a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. Next, optimize your website to load fast. Page loading speed is a critical factor in determining user experience on a site. Finally, make sure your site is easy to browse through and the content easy to digest. Use concise text, quality visuals, and incorporate plenty of white space.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to a construction site that attracts visitors. Implementing SEO best practices ensures that people looking for construction services in the locations you serve will find your website.

To optimize your website for the search engines, start by identifying the keywords to target and include them in your content and blog posts. Optimize your website for local search so it will show up for “construction firm near me” searches.

Call to Actions

The ultimate goal of a construction site is to generate qualified leads. Having laid out your expertise and value, and shared your story, you’ve done your part. It’s the visitors’ turn to take action. Make it easy for visitors to deliver your most wanted response by including call to actions.

Prominently display a clickable phone number and email address. You can also feature an easy to fill inquiry form. On top of these, have a contact page detailing all the ways to get in touch: phone number, email address, contact form, and even physical address.  

That’s A Wrap!

A great website is essential for a construction company to thrive in the digital world. The above construction websites are great examples of how a well-designed website can showcase a firm’s expertise.

Draw inspiration from these sites and follow the construction web design pointers to build an attractive and professional construction site that will attract the target audience and turn visitors into qualified leads.

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