Why Do Contractors and Construction Companies Need Websites?

Are a general contractor, a roofing specialist or a remodeling firm and wondering whether it’s worth it investing in a professional website? Keep reading to learn how a website can benefit your business.

Construction is the quintessential brick and mortar industry. It’s no surprise that many contractors fail to see the value of a website. They rely on word of mouth referrals and other traditional marketing strategies.

However, having a website is vitally important in the digital world we’re living in. A well-executed website can take your business to the next level. It can establish your credibility and become a lucrative source of qualified leads.

Below are the reasons why a website is a vital asset to the success of your construction firm.

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12 Ways Having a Website Will Benefit Your Construction Business

1. It Makes It Easy for your Target Audience to Find You

93% of customers research a local company online. This is not just those who start their search for a contractor online. Even word of mouth referrals who are interested in learning more about your company will look you up online.

Having a well-designed and optimized website ensures that your company shows up first when people type the name of your business or conduct a general search for a contractor in the locations you serve.

If you don’t have a website, your company won’t appear in the search engine result pages. Beyond this, not having a site can even negatively impact your credibility.

2. A Website is the Best Way to Showcase Your Work

Before hiring you, prospective clients will want to see the kind of work you do. They want assurance that you are capable of handling their project and delivering the results they are after.

Your website is the best platform to display your projects. You can list your very best projects right on the homepage and create a portfolio page with all the projects you’ve worked on.

You can share before and after shots of remodeling projects and organize projects by type and location. You can even create a page for each project and give an overview of what the project entailed.

No other online platform can give such an opportunity to display what you can do. Actually, displaying a compelling portfolio is one of the most important purposes of a contractor website.

3. It Can Establish You As An Expert in Your Specialty

In addition to portraying a professional image, a website allows you to establish your expertise and credentials.

Interested customers can see your best works and learn how long you’ve been in business. You can even highlight the number or value of projects you’ve completed so far.

What’s more? You can incorporate a blog and share valuable content that establishes your authority in the industry. For example, you can educate your audience about the regulations in the construction industry.

Your website can also answer frequently asked questions, provide valuable advice, and offer construction and remodeling ideas.

4. It Conveys Your Value Proposition to Interested Customers

One of the top benefits of having a website for your construction company is that it communicates your value proposition to potential customers.

You can provide information about your company including what you do, how you do it, and what sets you apart from the competition. You can also address pain points to connect with your target audience.

This can help visitors understand your company and convince them that you’re the right fit for their projects. People tend to trust companies they feel they understand.

5. It Can Help You Stand Out from the Competition

Having a website for your contractor firm is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition.

First off, it gives you a competitive edge over other contractors that opt to forego a contractor website. Clients searching for contractor services online will land on your website and your competitors will miss out on these leads.

Moreover, your website can help you differentiate yourself from other contractors with websites. It shows your unique value proposition and demonstrates the quality of your work. A good website can even allow you to compete with larger or more established firms.

6. It’s the Hub for all Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Did you know that you can’t advertise your construction services on Google if you don’t have a website for your business? Even social media advertising is more effective when you have a website.

Whether you’re paying for Meta ads or using Google Pay Per Click Ads, you will need a website with powerful landing pages to push visitors to. It’s the hub for all your online activities and the anchor of all your digital marketing efforts.

7. It Can Be a Lucrative Source of Qualified Leads

The majority of customers use the internet to find and research local companies to hire. Having a website ensures that new customers will discover your firm, get impressed, and contact you.

An effective construction company website can, therefore, generate plenty of leads and new projects for your contractor business.

Best of all, your website brings in high-quality leads that are looking for the exact services you offer and are already pre-sold on your work.

A website is the ultimate online sales tool for a construction firm. If you don’t have an effective website, rest assured you are missing out on plenty of opportunities.

8. It Allows You To Take Control of Your Company’s Narrative Online

If you’ve listed your business on Google My Business and other online listing platforms such as Yelp and Angie’s List, people will be talking about your business. Some will have good things to say about you while others will leave negative reviews. The only thing you can do on these platforms is respond to these reviews.

Having a website allows you to dominate the conversation about your business online. You have full control of your site design and content and can ensure that it’s a true reflection of your brand and conveys your values, unique selling points, and views.

A website gives you a way to manage the reputation of your business online and shape how people perceive your business in the online world.

9. It Can Establish Your Company’s Credibility and Inspire Trust

Construction and remodeling projects are major investments. A solid reputation is vitally important to landing clients.

Construction and remodeling clients rely on what past clients say about you when deciding whether to hire you. Reviews and testimonials can increase the conversion rate for high-value products by 380%.

Your website allows you to establish your credibility by showcasing high-profile clients and positive testimonials. Furthermore, you can highlight your ratings and link to reviews on third party websites such as Google and Home Advisor.

Your stellar word of mouth reputation should be backed by a positive online reputation. This way, you can inspire confidence in prospective clients and get them to trust you to handle high budget building projects.

10. A Site Helps You Build and Strengthen Relationships with Customers

A contractor website not only makes it easy to interact with new clients. It also helps strengthen relationships with existing clients.

An effective construction company website displays contact information prominently. This ensures that both future and present clients can get in touch with you easily.

Whether customers want to ask a question or get a price estimate, you can provide customer support directly instead of using a customer service agency.

This way, you get to build personal relationships with clients and promote trust and loyalty.

11. A Professional Contractor Web Design Can Strengthen Your Brand

Investing in professional construction website design can make your brand stronger and more recognizable. After all, your website is the online face of your contractor business, home building, or remodeling firm.

A professional site portrays you as a professional company that pays attention to detail. Additionally, every web design element from the logo, the color scheme, the font choice to the content should reflect your brand.

Even your email address will feature your business domain name. This branding consistency can inspire trust in potential clients.

12. It Can Help You Attract the Best Employees

A contractor website is not just a source of new project leads. It can help you attract and win the best workers in the construction industry.

A site that portrays a professional image and shows happy workers in action can help convince potential recruits that you’re one of the best construction companies to work for.

By communicating your approach and core values, skilled workers can also decide beforehand whether they want to work in your company. This way, you company will attract quality candidates for hire.

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It’s A Wrap!

A website is one of the most valuable marketing tools for a construction firm. It functions as a online business card, a sales pitch, and a projects portfolio.

Whether you are a general contractor, a remodeling home builder or a consultant, you stand to reap plenty of benefits by having a professional website for your business.

It will attract your target audience, wow them with your work, show them the value you offer, and turn them into qualified leads and projects.

The good news is that building a construction website is easier now than ever before. You don’t have to spend a fortune for professional contractor web design.

Our team of web designers and developers can help you create a construction or contractor website that impresses your target audience and wins clients.Contact us today! We will design a custom mockup of your website for free!

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